1. Before you start creating your favorites folder you will need to create a login so that you can save your favorites.  To create a login account, just click on the login link while viewing your favorites folder or you can also find a login link beneath any photo in your gallery.  The set can then be accessed from any browser you login to.  ***TO KEEP FROM LOSING YOUR SELECTION I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CREATE A LOGIN ID AND SAVE YOUR FAVORITES FOLDER WHILE LOGGED IN***
2. To create a favorites folder you will begin by right clicking or hovering the cursor over an image you would like to add, and then select "add to favorites" or you can click on the "heart icon" that shows up in the upper right corner.  A link to the favorites folder will appear in the top left part of your screen.  You will click on this link to access the folder. 
4. In order for me to access your favorites, you will need to click on the "share favorites" button found at the top right of the page when the favorites folder is open. Click on that button, fill out your name and any other info you have for me and then select "share to photographer"